The company Veseli d.o. has been founded in 1997. It has been registered with the Commercial Court Register. It is completely private, with founding capital of 50000 kn. Today it’s name is “Veseli d.o.o. turistička agencija” and it is strongly oriented to expand in tourist sector activities.

name of the company/naziv tvrtke  Veseli d.o.o. turistička agencija

 company headquarters/sjedište  AB.Šimića 29, 21000 Split, Republika Hrvatska

 OIB 25532017613

 MBS 060088971

 director/direktor Veseljko Stanišić dia

 internet tourist agency/internetska turistička agencija  AB.Šimića 29, 21000 Split, Republika Hrvatska

 tourist agency menager/voditelj turističke agencije  Veseljko Stanišić dia

insurance/osiguranje polica broj P41N-1023400725 Generali osiguranje d.d.


mobile/WhatsApp  +385959007691

working hours/radno vrijeme  every day 08-15